Breaking Bad spoilers below

So half of me wants to say that Walter White's final admission to Skylar that "I did it for me" โ€” such a central moment in the conclusion of this five-season drama โ€” highlights the yes/no, good/evil, black/white nature of life and the choices we make in it. In or out? Hero or villain? Us or them? Skylar needed to hear it.

But while we obviously find comfort in the contrasts, half of me thinks Breaking Bad actually argues against all that. None of us are all good, or all bad and the best of us have a bad seed within. Gus Fring had two-faces, a point the show drove home literally at his death. Walter/Heisenberg didn't do it for "the family," he it all for himself. But he still manages to wipe away some of the bad he was leaving behind, and give millions to his kids.
What if the key is how we navigate the spaces in between? What it, as the name of Walter and Elliot's now-wildly successful company puts it, Gray Matters?