RealClearPolitics puts the race between Mitch McConnell and Alison Lundergan Grimes as a toss-up. McConnell has been consistently ahead for most of the campaign season, but only by a few points. In a lot of polls, their difference has been around the margin of error, often less.

For a picture of how the race has been fought on the airwaves, both candidates have YouTube profiles with lots of video ads; 62 for Grimes and 71 from McConnell.

The following is a couple of their tit for tats;

Politically, I'd say the "Obama needs Grimes" and "30 Years is Long Enough" themes work for their respective candidates. McConnell does have an extra iron in that he has Senate leadership, which he hasn't played for the home district like some previous longterm Senators, so Grimes may be able to turn into a vulnerability. She has, if you go back and look at her ads, tried to put a lot of distance between herself and President Obama. I'm sure that's what she was advised to do and some may have thought it smart, but there's no way she can use him now.

My suggestion, if I were advising Grimes, would be for her to try and get a day or two with Bill Clinton making a sweep of the state. Not only would that get her headlines and barnburner speeches, but packaged as a joke or a lighthearted moment, Clinton can point out that whomever wins has to work with this and the next President, something she can't do. I'd also look for more ways to point out how removed McConnell is from everyday Kentuckians and if push comes to shove, I might revisit the division between McConnell and Rand Paul wings.

Also, I'd look for a way to play that she's "Alison for Kentucky", while he's "Team Mitch".

And to be fair, if I were advising McConnell, I'd say to keep hammering on his seniority and "Obama needs Grimes" is a powerful theme. Considering everything that has come before, there is not a lot she can say to directly counter that claim.