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Grindr For Lesbians

I got contacted on Facebook after I posted my Grinder Vs. Tinder thing yesterday asking me if I knew about Sizzr- the Grindr for lesbians. I had never heard of it.

Here's how they describe themselves:

"Started in rainy Vancouver, BC, Sizzr was created as a fun option for women looking for a simple way to meet other nearby, like minded women within their immediate proximity. What you decide to do when you meet is your call, we're just here to facilitate non-harrowing girl/girl introductions ;)"


Who knew that girl/girl introductions were harrowing?

I don't have a smart phone, so I can't check personally that it works just like Grindr and Tinder, though I'm told that it does.


I would be fascinated to hear from women who have used it. Are the results more like Grindr, more like Tinder or something completely different?

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