Guns In Bars? South Carolina Is Okay With That​

This seems like an important time to note that even in the "wild," gun-toting old west, you weren't supposed to bring your gun into the saloon. So it would be wrong to say that South Carolina is regressing into a barbaric state of nature. Instead, the state is advancing into a whole new future of abject stupidity...

Yesterday, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed a law allowing South Carolinians with concealed-carry permits to bring their firearms into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.

The bill came about after a person was fatally shot in a parking lot outside of a bar. So Haley's logic is impeccable, assuming she wants to turn bar parking lots into drunken shootouts. If somebody pulls a gun on you outside of a bar, it's a good idea to drunkenly reach for your piece and attempt to squeeze off a few rounds instead of just handing the assailant your wallet, because safety!

Hey, it's not like bar patrons in South Carolina will be any less reasonable than armed prosecutors in Texas.

Thankfully, the law comes with a huge caveat that kind of proves South Carolina is just trying to troll intelligent lawmakers with their crazy. It's always important to read the fine print with these things. From the South Carolina Post & Courier:

Under the bill, those with permits who are carrying a firearm are not allowed to consume alcohol...

Just like any business under current law, restaurant and bar owners can prohibit those with weapons from coming into their business by posting a designated sign.


Right. "Just a seltzer, Bill. I'm the designated triggerman tonight."

I'm starting to think that the best way to deal with these laws is to just let the Arizonas and South Carolinas of the world turn into the post-apocalyptic hellscapes they desire to become. It's what the constitutional framers called "Federalism," and it can mean that each state has the right go now and die in whatever way seems best to them.