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Hairless shitstorm a-coming?

I can never predict when things are going to go awry. So often, I'll read a post in the morning and two days later find out that it turned into a category 1 shitstorm. But this Gawker Caity Weaver post on Prince William's hairline looks promising. People getting mad about the bald-shaming. The first comment I saw was somebody saying "So, it's not OK to snark on Lena Dunham, but you can mock Prince Williams's hair"? I was already to tell him to ride his Wah-ambulance to Jezebel, but evidently he was dismissed.

All I can think is that this baby is not all that cute and I remember years ago when Prince William was"the hot one." Let's be honest, the Prince(s) have no hotness, not really. George is cute because he's a baby, but he's not a cute baby.


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