Written in Ink
Written in Ink

I've had cheesecake I'd call heavenly, but not because it carried a message from God (Unless "Think of the calories!" counts).

Yet for one unnamed Arizona family, the normal cracks that often bust the surface of a cheesecake as it cools formed a crucifix, and the desert is a Christmas miracle — which they won't eat but will sell, with proceeds going to a local church or charity, of course.


This bit of news, such as it is, along with a loving God's-eye view, hand-held video of the cheesecake, was served up this week by the Arizona Republic and dutifully picked up by the Associated Press. From there it was added to news media website near you.

As for Christmas miracles? If Mrs. Bitchy (as she prefers) ever cooked a cheesecake, THAT would be a Christmas miracle.

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