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Written in Ink
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Happy Birdday

This story (http://gawker.com/evil-triumphs-…) reminded me of a bird experience I had a couple years ago. It happened on a beautiful spring day. It was my daughter's third birthday, and she was having a party in the backyard with lots of her little friends. There is an owl house back there, attached to a tree, and for the past few weeks a mama eastern screech owl had been living in it, taking care of her owlets. Usually these owls are nocturnal, so it was exciting to see the owl begin to poke her head out of the owl house, and I called to all the kids to come look. Finally, the owl emerged but it was not exactly alone. Dangling from its beak was the bloody disembodied wing of a mourning dove that it must have massacred during the night. Luckily, I don't think many of the kids noticed and we quickly moved on to the piñata.


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