This birthday week has been a doozy. So far I've

  1. Gotten sick (just a bad cold).
  2. Gone snow tubing with a friend and her kids (big fun).
  3. Completely forgotten to attend a meeting to help plan a campaign event. Tubing while sick leads to extreme tiredness and apparent inability to remember commitments. It would have been okay if there were more than 2 people on the planning committee. :(
  4. Learned that the second bill I was supposed to work for the state delegate I volunteer for was killed in the rules committee. I didn't even have time to get attached to that one.
  5. Gotten a birthday card from my beloved aunt. She's the only person in my life who consistently goes out of her way to acknowledge my birthday.
  6. Finally filed a small tort claim to get some money for a car accident I had years ago but had never finalized a settlement for. This has only been on my "to do" list for 3 years.
  7. Came in fifth place at trivia night. This was our worst showing thus far. We were in first place, then ate shit for the last 4 rounds of the game.
  8. In honor of my birthday tomorrow, received a free shot (a kamikaze), a gift of Cover Girl mascara, a special "happy birthday" from a not-too-bad-looking young dude at the bar, and my bar tab paid by my team mates at trivia night.
  9. Came home to find that my dog had almost burned my house down. I had left a plastic cutting board and plate of cooked chicken on one of the stove eyes, and Mr. Freddie decided he wanted chicken after I left the house. He apparently climbed up the stove and turned it on. It completely melted the cutting board (there is a plastic puddle around two eyes of the stove now— I have no idea how I'm going to get that up), burned and shattered the plate, scorched a spoon that was left on the plate or cutting board, and spewed thick black smoke all over the house. The walls are COVERED in soot (highlighting all the cobwebs I have neglected to dust— oops), and the house smells like burned plastic. It must have scared Freddie because he didn't even bother to eat all the chicken.

To top it all off, I've got the new Kinja experience to look forward to tomorrow on the day of my birth.

Interesting week.