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Happy (un-hacked) New Year, Kinja! Jerry-Netherland Saga on it's way

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(Clifton Webb as Waldo Lydecker in Laura, 1944, who famously "wrote his column with a goose quill dipped in venom")


In response to a dozen or so very supportive and complimentary responses during the past year, I have promised an autobiographical serial to be written in the style of the most popular stories I've told in the past year or so (in comments), beginning in mid-January 2015.

As I have had an unusual life, with my every toe, sooner or later in an entirely different pool, and culminating in my life-on-borrowed-time past decade, having cheated death on four separate occasions. the time seems right. Through it all, with the combination of a steel-trap memory and the curious family whence I come, though there is an extraordinary body of storytelling I have hitherto been reticent to tell. But I've passed 50, so why wait any longer? Besides, so many of the stories involve people who are now dead, thus no longer require perspicacious politesse.


Your encouragement has convinced me that the time has come. While I have ghost written dozens of columns and books for others, my own stories have remained under wraps. However, I decided, as my Kinja following expanded, that this would be the place to begin. Thanks for the encouragement, and I hope to live up to the expectations.

Meanwhile, Kinja is once again behaving badly. In the past week, many of us frequent commenters have first experienced a peculiar dump of months-old comment alerts, and since Friday, have been unable to comment at all. I can't imagine the tumult IT and Editorial at the Gawker Media offices have had to endure this year. But we stick it out through it all because it does provide a unique, intelligent audience (but for the trolls). And that, in addition to the nudge of support in the community is why I've chosen to write the series here (provided Kinja, like me, can indeed cheat death).

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