Written in Ink
Written in Ink

I dedicate this post to Yoopermom13, my long-time, randomly selected, anonymous WordsWithFriends opponent. You may remember her from the time I dropped 150 points worth of JINX on her like a beast, then boorishly posted about it.


Since then, I have gotten to know Yoopermom a little better. I now know that a "Yooper" is one who hails from upper Michigan. And I know that she is a tenacious, scrappy, and good-humored scrabbler. But I'm thinking about her on this Mother's Day because, as she let drop in response to my question why we hadn't played in a while, she is taking care of her dying 44-year-old mother.


This is what she had to say (and I share it only because she is anonymous):

"I'm sad yet so happy I have a mom like her. My dad died when I was 21. I am lucky to have had the best parents."

Good game, Yoopermom.

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