I've been looking for a job for over three years. I've had some in that stretch but none lasted for more than a week. All I've heard from my mother was, "you're not trying hard enough". Every time I was not hired, it was somehow my fault.

Back in November, my mother quit her job. She has been looking ever since. I now overhear her talking about a recent interview she had. She is sooo shocked about how it's going for her.

She said that one interviewer was chewing tobacco during the interview...and even spit in the cup. (That's also happened to me. These rednecks give no fucks.) She's also having problems understanding why they make you jump through so many hoops only to not hire you. I think we are all wondering the same thing. She also filled out one of those "personality" test. It's a lot different when you get that email after the test that tells you "you are not what we're looking for" I guess we both are bad, awful people.

This shit is hilarious to me. Being who she is, I doubt that she will apologize (or even acknowledge) that silly shit she would say to me because she couldn't understand why it's hard for me to get a job. Whatever...#YOLO