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Written in Ink

Has anyone seen...

Dream School on Sundance Channel? It's produced by Jamie Oliver and 50 Cent and focuses on a group of at-risk (mostly dropout) teens that seem all to be from parts of SoCal brought together to see if they can do the work needed to get through to their diplomas or to get back to the next grade. They bring in both credentialed and some celebrity/industry teachers (so far, David Arquette as home room/drama, Oliver Stone teaching a history class*, a screenwriter). It's a reality show, but half-way through the first episode, I'm excited about it. Kids getting on (or staying on) the right track is becoming an issue of mine. This doesn't seem like an exploitative series, but seems pretty earnest (without being agenda-laden) and also quite serious, so I wanted to recommend!

  • OMG, the kids don't know what century WWII was, who was on our side.... On the flipside, Stone found out fast that talking and explaining a ton of information (democracy, Soviets, world dynamics...) at these kids was not connecting at all. He's having to re-think lesson #2.

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