So here I am laying down recovering from a minor late night medical procedure at the ER, and I decided to use this down time as a chance to catch up on some DVR recordings. After a couple of hours I catch up to episode 3 of this amazing show called Ray Donovan, staring my new fantasy lover Liev Schreiber. Halfway through the show Ray's dad (played by actor Jon Voight) is sitting in front of a library computer searching for a video. As the camera pans to the computer monitor, up pops a music video. And all I can see is ass...ass...ass...ass. Ass for days. I'm a straight female, but even I can appreciate a beautiful T&A as shown by my recent Lindsay Lohan comment….

Honestly, I was so distracted by all the butt shaking, I had to rewind the clip three times just to listen to the lyrics. I'm sure a guy's reason for rewinding might be a bit different than mine. Lol. Ray's dad notices another library patron staring in his direction, probably wondering "why in the hell is this old White guy looking at a bunch of Black chicks booty popping?". His response (and I'm paraphrasing here), "Hey, I like a nice ass". As the series progresses, the viewer will realize that the dad has a penchant for Black women, and the occasional bottom guy. Remember, I told you this show is amazing.

So I guess I've answered my own question, Twerking is going mainstream. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what Twerking is, it's a dance move that was invented in the Black strip clubs. My earliest recollection of Twerking goes back to the early 2000's when a close stripper friend of mine tried teaching me this move her coworker/co-stripper taught her. The move might be even older, so if there are any readers familiar with this dance please correct me in the comments.

Some may see this video and say "it's just ass shaking. Anyone can do this." Trust me, it ain't easy. I tried mastering this technique off, and on for the past decade, and sadly I failed to master the move. I think it's a combination of my lack of natural rhythm, and lack of a large posterior. But then again, Miley Cyrus seems to have gotten Twerking down to an art, so maybe its because I just can't dance. I would like to learn to twerk so I could spice things up a bit in the bedroom, but luckily my S.O. isn't an ass man, so I guess I'm not under any serious immediate pressure to master booty popping. It takes coordination that I just don't have. Lol.

Maybe stripping has loss some of the negative attitude associated with it. First we have pole dancing classes at the gym, then Miley's "getting down with the get down", and now twerk videos on TV. What's next?


Some may see the video, and be turned off by the large ass, but I think most of y'all will enjoy.

I decided to save you the exhausting search of looking theistic video up. Here it is.