Come one, come all. Come peasants and peasants alike. Come from near and come from far. Crosstalkers and their ilk. Read these words and mark them well.

For far too long have we been under the tyranny of what has been colloquially called Post. Then there was the Cat. And now? Now we face a new threat. Cat on Post. This new threat to our senses has promised much suffering by its leader Cat.

But I tell you my friends, we have suffered enough! It is time to take a stand and gain back our freedom! How you ask? I shell tell you. It is through the glory and charm and handsomeness of one true hero. A hero to unite us all. I bring to you, Tom.

Tom, just three simple letters. Yet they hold so much promise. So much hope. So much handsome.

Choose now, simple peasants. Choose your salvation. Escape from the tyranny of those godforsaken heathens who seek to enslave you with cats and posts. Welcome your new saviour and hero with open arms.


Vote now, dear fellows, and you shall get your chance to meet and date your new hero.* You may also participate in a chance to receive relics touched by none other than Tom himself, to protect you in all your endeavors. **

*May not be the real Tom.

**May get "lost" while being delivered by post or may not be the real thing.

ETA: Vote link here. Please select other and type in Tom Hiddleston. Thank you! :)