Written in Ink
Written in Ink
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Hello Crosstalk! Today I turn 30

And for those who are celebrating, Eid Mubarak &/or happy friendship day.

I am not a big sharer and would like to make up for it now by posting some music. While I am at it, props to all the women who are the heart of this community (Graby, glib&Bitchy, Jane, CheerfulXGurlfriend, Magister, Msxhill, etc.). I don't know how many straight men hang out here but shirley it's a minority.


I thought of obvious milestone acknowledgment like Danny Brown or Puerto Rican party like Das Racist. Then I thought of going old school, like Jurassic 5.

Fuck it. lets go full jazz. Enjoy

Footless and fancy free/Think how happy Mom will be

And for those who like a little gloom/noise/goth/gaze with a pinch of video gaming, here's another:

I reckon this is a good time as any to introduce myself. I was once an angry young man and now I hate bitter chocolate. I am still a whimpster with a buzzkill haircut even though Conor Oberst became a hippie. I am brown and emo - a bleeding turd. Slumdog Robert Smith.


But enough about me. How is your cat?

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