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My New Startup

Hello everyone! I am going to introduce you to my new startup. It's called Pype.lyand I can guarantee you that it will turn into the next big thing and possibly save the world.

This next big thing is sure to revolutionize the world. With major players willing to sign up, you can guarantee that missing out on this will have you kicking yourself for the next 10 years.

What does it do, you might ask? Well I can guarantee that you will be enthralled by this revolutionary product. It combines the best of some of the top companies today. Facebook, Twitter, Google. This combination will definitely capture the essence of the market by using cloud data processing combined with the latest, revolutionary Java developments.


Our goal is to make the world a better place by allowing scalable, social, local, real time data right to your finger tips. When you use Pype.ly, you are guaranteed instantaneous gratification with all of your close contacts.

Thank you perspective VC donors for reading. Contact me when you want to give me money. Um, I mean, decide to invest in our product.

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