I hope this is the place to put this. I'm tearing my hair out.

My best friend is someone I've met only once in real life (for a week long visit) and yet she's more of a sister to me than the sisters who scrounged through my stuff when I was in Iraq—-and helped themselves. We talk on the phone just about every day. You ever meet someone and it's like you've known them your whole life? That's her.

It has not been easy being my friend. I'm only now just crawling out of a decade-long PTSD hole which saw me trying to kill myself multiple times, thanks to the tender mercies of the VA, which let me know it was highly skeptical of the notion women could be in combat. She was there for me when I needed her and now she needs me and I don't know how to help. Fifteen years I've known her and it's never been this bad.

She's one of those people who gets her self worth from her jobs. She was pounding the pavement for months, got a job, then got laid off, and found another one. She's in Michigan, which means services and assistance are just about non-existent. I put her on my phone account so she can have a phone line at all times, but her internet and cable just got cut off. She's still trying to scrounge her rent together and it's driving her nuts. I was hoping I could help her this way. She's suffered from depression for a long time, but the unsteady job situation intensifies it. If I hadn't had a sick kitty this month, I'd be able to help her more but I had to take a kitty to the kitty ER and it was not cheap.

She's in Michigan and given the situation she can't move——she can't pay her bills as it is. Her car is failing. It kills me because when someone else needs help, who's there first? Her. She's there with the funny remark, the punchline, even when she's trying to keep herself alive. She hates asking for help at all....but she needs it.

She makes jewelry on the side—-from, in part, stuff I used to pick up when I could travel——-and it's pretty and inexpensive. http://adelheide.livejournal.com/866287.html


That's how she's picking up some funds till her first paycheck comes in. Problem is, she's only making ten dollars an hour. If anyone has any leads or tips about how she could get help, that would be appreciated, too. Anything would. She told me her pride is gone, she's so desperate. What scares me is that I'm out of ideas, too.