Why the fuck is this horrible, sexist piece of dogdouche up for an Oscar?

OK. There probably is a good movie that could be made about a dude falling in love with an AI operating system - but this isn't it.

The problem isn't what people thought it would be - that the dude would be objectifying women.

It's far, far worse.

The problem is that the OS is a combination of every single thing dudes complain about women about. She's clingy, she's possessive, she over analyzes everything you say, she gets moody and angry at the drop of a hat, she cheats on you with 657 people and then she dumps you saying "it's not you, it's me."

She is like a caricature of everything you've ever heard a "nice guy" say when he's being bitchy about women.

Fuck, Spike Jonze must really hate women.