Apparently, hyalophagia, or the eating of glass, is a thing in Indonesia. It is considered a form of magic, like walking across hot coals, and not a pathological disorder. I was told that the glass eater will not suffer injury so long as they believe in the magic of Indonesia.

Naturally, I had to try it. I was given coconut oil to rub all over the inside of the mouth before I took a big bite out of a drinking glass. I guess my gums believe in magic, as there was no blood. However, my teeth must be non-believers. The glass eating definitely chipped my front tooth!

Now the question is: do I take advantage of cheap medical tourism and get my tooth fixed in New Delhi, or do I leave it as is and use my glass eating experience as a great ice breaker for upscale cocktail parties? "Well, I do say, senator, this NomadiKat is one classy broad..." Just further proof that I'll put just about anything in my mouth if it means selling more books.

Check out "My Indonesian Foodgasm" to learn more about real Indonesian food, as in, the kind that has actual nutritional value. More calcium than a drinking glass, yummy!


-Kat Vallera, creator of NomadiKat Travel Media, author of "Around the World in 80 J's"


Video & photography by Kat Vallera

FYI, there is also a video of me eating a big fat scorpion that I am attempting to retrieve from the videographer I fired. More on that later.