Me want all the American politicians and military leaders to do erotic dances in front of me. Me want them to bend over and let me **** in their ****. If you accept those demands I willing to negotiate. If not I going to **** you all today.

-The Horny Ghost of Osama bin Laden: Rise of the Ghost

The horny ghost of Osama bin Laden, unwittingly rescued from the bottom of the sea by an American treasure hunter, is at the gates of the White House. Fortunately, thanks to a clairvoyant (and horny) woman named Janet, the capital has been evacuated and the President is in hiding. Is bin Laden, growing ever more powerful with each horribly written and repulsive sexual encounter, about to meet his match at the hands of a group of (horny) ghost nuns who might be America's last best chance?

Doesn't seem likely. I'm only on page 45 of 350. F*** me.