You know that feeling when your crazy [dad/uncle/grandfather] starts a conversation with, "now, Kev, I know you're going to roll your eyes, but..." and then proceeds to tell you how the Crusades were the best thing that happened to the Muslims? (I'm not making up this anecdote.) Well what if you got paid to craft stories as ridiculous as that. Daily. On a platform broadcast to every airport and corporate sitting room in the country?

You'd be CNN.

Yes, to date, CNN and sister station HLN have devoted hours to black holes, zombies, and, now, psychics in an effort to solve the Flight 370 mystery. We all know they don't care anymore, but can they not even be bothered to put up a veneer over their ticky-tacky tabloid hearts? "The country believes in conspiracy theories, you say? Let's feed them more!"

It's not even that I expect more from them, or that I'm going to tell you, blah blah blah our media is terrible. Choir + preaching, right?

It's just the craft of it. Like a serial killer not wearing gloves. Or a fisting kinkster not wearing...gloves. You know you're never going to change their ways, but can they at least be classy enough to live up to the standards they themselves created?

I look at Don Lemon, just recently this proud, out, black, gay anchor, telling it to the man on a whole host of stories. And now I tune in and hear him say, "what if it was something we don't fully understand, like black holes?" What if, Don Lemon, it was even worse? What if it was something like logic or facts or reality? You know, something you REALLY don't understand? What then!? No use trying to comprehend. Let's just say it was a cosmic phenomenon, eating up our planes!


I really wish I knew what to say here, except, it's just sad. That's the real takeaway. I'm truly disheartened when I see such filth pandered to a pathetically stupid audience.

Now if you don't mind me, I'm going to get shit faced. It was my first day today at a new job. Who the fuck has you start on a Friday?