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Written in Ink
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Hobby Lobby Ruling Next Week

I don't believe the Hobby Lobby case is about religion at all.

Instead I think that right wing people and the corporations they run want it to be difficult for people to have access to contraceptives because:

1. Having a baby at a young age keeps women poor and out of the workforce, which opens up jobs for men. It also contributes to poverty among men and having more men and women in poverty is good for the GOP.


2. Poor people are less likely vote.

3. Poor people often turn to their local church for help and the local church will encourage them to vote republican if they do vote.


4. Fathers and mothers are much more likely to accept crappy jobs and low wages and not complain or quit because they need money to feed the kids. This makes it much less likely they will protest being treated unfairly, quit or try to find a better job, which helps keep wages down.

5. Overall, people who are poor are less likely to complain about social issues. They are too busy just trying to get by to worry about if the government is taking away more and more of their basic freedoms.


6. The children of very young parents are more likely to become young parents themselves thus continuing the goal of creating a serf based society.

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