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Holocaust survivor, Eva Moses Kor, did a reddit AMA

And it's really interesting, with many good questions and comments (and a few about snow tires and other things, but only a few). She and her twin sister (in the foreground of the photo, being liberated from Auschwitz by Russian troops) were subjected to human (or inhuman) experiments performed on twins. I hope this wasn't posted elsewhere on one of the main pages and I just missed it. Sorry if it's repetitious. More info on Eva Moses Kor here. One brief excerpt:

Oh my goodness lots of questions. The story, I will describe it in a very simple sentence. We were huddled in our filthy bunkbeds, crawling with lice and rats. We were starved for food, we were starved for human kindness, and we were starved for the love of the mother and father we once had. We had no rights, we knew we had to submit to the medical experiments in order to live. We had one major determination: To live one more day.

How was it returning to Auschwitz? Particularly for me, it was like returning to a place that for 40 years I wondered at times if it was real or was it a figment of my imagination? And to realize it was real, that what I remembered was correct, and that I actually recognized many of the buildings, removed that big monstrosity from my imagination. And also the fact that I could go into the camp and walk out and nobody shot at me, that feeling of being free was very, very reassuring. I realized that I have beaten the Nazis. I survived in spite of what they did to me. It's a feeling of triumph.

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