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Holy shit, Wikileaks actually leaked something important.

This year, the Gawkers and the Wireds and the reddits of the world mourned the artist formerly known as Wikileaks' demise into the same laughable void where Anonymous and Lulsec exist, where anonymity and irrelevancy are seemingly synonymous, where Benedict Cumberbatch plays a not-quite-whitewashed picture of the once-enigmatic organization's founder (did you know that Peter Capaldi plays Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger? That almost makes me want to see The Fifth Estate. Almost.)


But I digress, is a thing you should never say in an article, even when you're not being paid by the word because if you're aware you're rambling on paper you should edit your work and also, prepositions don't start sentences. Anyways (see?) today the not-so-esteemed site released something massive, something as arguably significant as the diplomatic cables that got the U.S and their allies in so much trouble not so long ago- something... kind of boring.

Okay, it's a dry read, and I'm much more interested in tracking down a certain lost film, but this is huge.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement may not be as gripping as Collateral Murder, but this agreement covers almost 60% of the world's GDP and covers exactly how the leading nations of the world trade in intellectual property, medicine, trademarks, and just about anything else that matters. Also, unsurprisingly, it reminds us that the we, the United States are still kind of assholes when it comes to treaty negotiation. Give it a read, because this stuff is extremely important ahead of the reconvening of the involved parties in about a week's time.

On a personal note, how is everybody doing this week? I usually don't hold up so well when the weather changes for whatever reason, but this year seems especially like an exercise in futility. Reading through this treaty really makes me inquisitive about what motivates people to do enough important things to feel important enough to do important things. It all seems kind of recursive and exclusionary to me.


Here's the press release:https://wikileaks.org/tpp/pressrelea…

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