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Homes of the Future

Wondering how many people are going to have to change thinking patterns about what is acceptable vs. sustainable/economically viable in terms of housing, especially when you consider elderly parents and family members. Wondering how many people have thought that a communal *type* of living might work, within reason. Please don't get me going about The Rules. Community planning is hard.


Have been browsing some of these "trailer" or prefab homes after buying some land. Some are absolutely amazing. Feel free to share pictures and experience as I'd love the aesthetic and Songs of Experience input. Boring and pointless "trailer trash" photos need not apply. [ETA: I lived in a trailer after my parents divorced and my father was in a lock-down Union strike with no income. We had to get "Christmas presents" at some Union organized event and ate canned meat with a label I won't forget. Amazed how anyone (including teachers and upstanding adults) could make derogatory comments about my name and supposed social status. No Surprise. This post goes out to everyone who endures (right?) as it's not about a social name) and makes a move *curses*]. Well, at least I am making a plan.

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