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Written in Ink

Joshua Messier was having a schizophrenic attack, then died as Bridgewater state prison guards subdued him. The medical examiner called it homicide, then changed her mind. No one has been prosecuted, or even reprimanded, for the death of a young man in state care.

Story here from the Boston Globe

Joshua was in a prison even though he had not been adjudicated of a crime. Not enough beds. Not enough funding. This isn't an atypical result.


I know more than a little about Bridgewater—having visited there and worked in forensic mental health in Massachusetts. What is sad is that not only is it not surprising at all that there would be a homicide but that no one would be prosecuted. I saw the Titicut Follies. It hasn't changed that much from what I've heard. Read this now.

PS. I shared this before but re-shared because I think the Globe article is worth reading and the story is tragic and relevant. If nothing else, people bearing witness allows for some meaning to be made of such a loss.

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