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Hong Kong's claustrophobic apartments built for poor residents

I'd say we could look at them in shock and awe, but they are just like a few years ahead of the US. We can't look down on any other country's stratification of wealth. I feel like I could take pictures of apartments in North Philly and it'd be similarly depressing. Anyways, the images in these pictures are of poor families in Hong Kong, one of the most economically stratified locations in the world. They live, they sleep, they eat, they cook, all within tiny vertical rooms that are cramp and are unsafe. It's like the Triangle Shirtwaist apartment building. Part of this is the problem of people competing for limited spaces and they are only to build up and fit people in smaller and smaller apartments—as always, money talks and wealth differences have real human costs. Society for Community Organization is working towards publicizing the real human costs of this inequality and through community action, I think they are working towards material differences in the life of their community. Great ad. Great organization.


More at Link and a the original non-profit, local HK organizations, Society for Community Organization.

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