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I'm watching the BET Music Awards right now. Personally, my favourite part of the program are the ciphers*, and I fast forward through the rest of the stuff.

While FF'ing through the presentations I caught Will Smith talking about MC Lyte, I'm assuming she received some type of achievement award. Will began to talk about one of the best diss records ever made by a female MC: "Shut The Eff Up (Hoe)". I wasn't able to finish the rest of the segment, dish network's dvr is acting screwy.


I have a question for the hip hop heads on Gawker. My question is, was this song written for anyone in particular? My brother said he believes it was directed toward Roxane Shante, but wasn't 100% certain. I was born in 1981, making me a mere babe when this song came out. Rap was forbidden in my house, and I only was able to catch little clips here, and there when my older bothers, and sister would sneak cassettes in the house past our Jehovah Witness father, so my history on early hip hop is very limited.

*cipher-is an informal gathering of rappers, beatboxers, and/or break-dancers in a circle, in order to jam musically together. Source- Wipikedia

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