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House of Cards speculation

My thoughts on some things that may happen on season 3 of House of Cards based on how season 2 ended. Obviously major spoilers ahead.

I didn't think season 2 was quite as good as the first season but it was still entertaining.


The first big question is who will be the new Vice President. Like a good Master Sith Frank Underwood will assume whoever he chooses will have their own ambitions and will screw him given the chance. Since it's a safe assumption the Frank will be a hands on LBJ type President when it comes to Congress, he doesn't need to draw from there. The logical choice to me would be the current Secretary of State Catherine Durant.

There are several political advantages to the choice. First are that she's already been through a Senate confirmation (and therefore already vetted pretty thoroughly). She's in the Cabinet and is up to speed on the issues. And choosing the first woman Vice President will give Frank a ton of support from the Democratic base. While she is ambitious, Durant is someone Frank probably thinks he can control. That's is big a factor for him as any of the others I've listed.

Obviously the press secretary will take over as Frank's chief of staff after Stamper's body is found. Speaking of Stamper, his killer Rachel is still a wildcard along with the hacker. My preference would be for Rachel to just disappear and life quietly somewhere far away from Washington. But I expect the writers are going to drag her back somehow.


Claire Underwood is still my fictional crush even though she makes Lady Macbeth look like a girl scout. But I'll skip the threesome with Frank.

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