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How Anonymous Is Everyone?

..And how big of a deal is it for you? The picture is partly a shout out to D., if you're onto me - he has this flag on his wall. See you in the greys unless you're scared, like C said you were.*

I've written on this subject before, but reading about couples who are both in the Gawker/Kinjaverse, I started thinking about how many people IRL know about my commenting, and how many of those care.


You'd think this is a matter of me thinking about myself more than others do about me, but before the only other foreigner in my program left for a warmer climate, I happened upon him "studying" in the computer lab with my Facebook photo albums on his screen. Of course I am the one who put them there and can manage the settings, but still...add to this most people I know are more tech-savvy than I am - although a bunch of what I consider moderately basic things one can do with a computer are called hacking by some. But I digress.

Basically I'd rater keep my identity here and on twitter a secret from anyone IRL who'd be interested. Because my friends don't care, and there is nothing here they haven't heard, but then there are people you kinda know who and I'd rather they not know about my views on pube-shaving etiquette unless asked. But people look over your shoulder, I sometimes have another window open when I'm showing something to a person and so on. And people are assholes, I always look away when people type in their passwords, but I know everyone isn't like that.

At least this account is ties to a Gmail account that doesn't give away my name if Gawker gets hacked again.

I live in city most people have heard of with a small English-speaking community with a strong online presence. Plus there are a number of biographical details I have mentioned that would make it easy to confirm my identity, but I'm not posting under my given name and would like there to be at least some protection of my identity.


So I'm vague or try not to give too much away in an individual post. I'd like to know how much other people care about their acquaintances/coworkers/guys they're trying to get with know about this aspect of your online persona, and how that effects your commenting.

*This is a joke. He's too busy asking my friends about my promiscuity to read Crosstalk.

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