Written in Ink
Written in Ink

And why is this a-hole showing up black on Gawker? Take a look at his commenting history. The only two original comments he made today on Gawker were to bash Jez, on two different stories.

Link to the thread in question. But I am more disturbed by the all the recommends than one moron showing up from Kokatu or Deadspin or wherever. (Actually, based on his commenting history, Jalopnik seems most likely.)


I'm not Jezebel's biggest fan. It's gone waaaaaaay downhill and I only read it when I'm dead slow at work and Gawker and Crosstalk aren't updating fast enough for me (and even then, I only click on one out every seven posts or so). But these knee jerk insults to it are decidedly shorthand jabs vocal women, and it pisses me off that Gawker, who always had the best commenting community bar none, is filling up with this stuff. Hey, see the guy after him who replied "+1" (and received 5 likes)? Remember when replying "+1" brought down the banhammer? That was great.


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