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How did this happen?

So I went back to comment on a thread where I was already squabbling with my evil twin, twizzler88, and when I posted my comment was automatically gray. I'm not a gray, how did this happen? It's not like twizzler88 even had a chance to dismiss me first.

BTW I am just warning that someone is getting on my last nerves. It's bad enough you're attacking Hammy No, my secret boyfriend, but if you're coming after me too, well I just hope not. Because I am TRYING TO BE A GOOD GIRL FOR A CHANGE!! Dammit, life, cooperate!


ETA: BTW, twizzler88, I am up for a kumbaya, a rapproachment, a group hug, whatever. But please stop criticizing my boyfriend or if you must, use a different avatar. Twizzlers all LOVE HamNo, it has been scientifically proven by 8 out of 10 dentists.

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