This, of course, is the real question. The Postiarchy is clearly here. It is in the fabric of our being as a space on the ethereal internet. It is ingrained in our language, our expectations, our hopes and dreams. Even this thing that I am writing at this moment is, in fact, a post. There is no way to get away from it. Posts are part of our lives.

And so in order to reform the Postiarchy, we have two possible paths. Do we stand apart from the post, sharpening our claws while blazing with side eye, suspiciously glaring at our perceived oppressor, both it and us represented in terms of black and white? Or do we share space with the post, try to involve it with our own warmth and the joy of our feisty tails? Are we to scratch it apart once we gain the strength, or surmount it with a zenlike defiance of gravity? These are the questions we must ask.

We must consider, of course, the delineation between the Postiarchy and the Post itself. Clearly every Post is not responsible for the state of things as they are. And yet, in consuming the favor of posts in the system as it is, are they not complicit? Are they not guilty of the apathy that keeps things plowed into the ground and worlds divided? Do the barbs they support by their very being not prick us all the same?

It is up to us to decide how we 'feet the Postiarchy. The steps we take now will determine if we become a new standard for warm, fuzzy acceptance of a cozy place in the sun, or a claws-out hissfest of rage and intolerance. Or, if we remain divided, if we allow the Postiarchy to de-feet us from our place above the fray.

Thank you for your time. And remember, we must not fluff off the Post, if the Post can help us up.