Written in Ink
Written in Ink

My friend was a woman a decade older than me. She had two sons, both pre-teens. She put herself through undergrad in our human rights program, and had my back through and through. We'd always hang out during smoke breaks, and shoot the shit about our professors. Her focus was domestic violence and she showed her passion for it through working with the children of victims.

Horribly enough, the thing that she fought for was the same thing that killed her. She was shot in the head by her boyfriend. We weren't best friends, and I didn't have any connection with her friends outside of our own hang-out time, so I only found out the day after.


I've dealt with young friends dying to cancer. I've never dealt with young friends being murdered like this. Am I allowed to go to her vigil? She didn't have a LOTof friends, not enough to be anonymous in a crowd. Just a bunch of close family. I don't know if they'd want a stranger there or not... I just... What would YOU want?

She was such a great person. I don't know how to deal with it.

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