This weekend is going to be packed with work and work and work. I have actual work to get caught up on and, happily, we're closing on our first house Monday, which is exciting. Only... that's a lot, right?

There's a merde-ton of work to be graded, in addition to all the packing and cleaning.

Right now, I'm trying to grade annotated bibs. (the most boring of all assignments) and the students keep forgetting to prove their points and it's driving me bonkers. So, I just can't look at them right now.

It's hard to focus and I noticed I was starting to get a little panicky (I really want to finish these damn annotated bibs. before class!) when I realized, if they get them Mon., they get them Mon. I don't have to be perfect, I just have to get through the day. But even "getting through the day" sounds a bit melodramatic—barring a major disaster, I'll get through the day, right?

I wonder, when you all have a mountain of things tumbling down upon your heads, how do you cope? What are your mantras and routines? Help me get through the day! (MELODRAMA!)