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Written in Ink

Whoops, lol, Spanish brand Desigual thought they were being cute when they released that ad of a woman tricking her boyfriend into impregnating her, right?


So did I when I made this social media gaffe. Earlier today, at 4:26 AM, I blasted out the following pablum to my 124 followers.

Obviously it was specifically aimed (or targeted, or is there any non-weaponized word for this?) at a specific tweeter, @AfroMeatballs. Well, I didn't simply decide out of the blue to tweet a link of racist dolls at someone. Let's follow my thought process.

  1. Looks at #WeirdTwitter account.
  2. Clicks through to a mentioned follower on said account.
  3. Sees they posted a tweet about racist dolls. They have 6K followers, it must be going viral or something!
  4. Sees that @AfroMeatballs has bad judgment about clicking links.
  5. ???

What I wasn't counting on was that might seem amusing from my white perspective might not be so funny to a person that is actually being mocked by the 'golliwog', and that it's not appropriate to goad someone into clicking a link without warning them it's going to be nasty, any more than you would e-mail your mother a link to pornographic material involving candy under the subject "Richard's Birthday". Essentially I rick-rolled AfroMeatballs with something really awful, and I'm sorry.


Plus it was totally intentional, and I'm a tee-totaller so I can't hide behind the "I-been-drinking" defense. So, I just don't want there to be any secret animosities and sub-posting and secret unsharing going on or else I'd have to flounce* and assume the burner identity "Captain O'Piggins". Cause Twitter was so quiet last night you could hear the crickets chirping and the hands on the clock.


*White man move: predicate your presence on the comfort level of others and threaten to clear out if they speak up.

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