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Written in Ink
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How Oklahoma ended up using untested drugs in an f'd up execution

Read this, it's not too long. But it's pretty shameful...

Things got complicated because there are two high courts in Oklahoma — one that focuses on "criminal" matters and one that focuses on "civil" matters. The criminal court, the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, said it had no jurisdiction to look at the injection secrecy matter. The civil court, the Oklahoma Supreme Court, said that the Court of Criminal Appeals did have jurisdiction.

There was open conflict between the courts. The state Supreme Court criticized the Court of Criminal Appeals for not accepting the appeal and for not halting the executions. The criminal appeals court criticized the state Supreme Court for intruding upon what its judges considered the purely "criminal" matter of execution protocols.


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Oklahoma's Courts Are at War Over Lethal-Injection Secrecy

State officials have tried to conceal basic information about the drugs used in executions, creating chaos in the legal system. Read on theatlantic.com

The open warfare within the state judiciary — unseemly, in particular, in the context of capital cases — surely contributed to the chaos that came next.

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