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Written in Ink
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How the Classes Solve Arguments

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(I didn't read the book, but just thought of the cover for this post. I do want to read it however.)


I've heard the following a few times and wonder how true it is (someone should do a study): working class people settle disputes with violence, middle class with words, and the rich by lawsuits.

If broadly true, the rich come out the worst. Not that I am an elitist and would expect the poors to be violent, but I can understand that living in harsh poverty, there are no recourses to education and conflict management, and people are frayed as it is because of said poverty, so violence could occur. But the rich, supposedly the pinnacle of civilized, educated behaivor, don't even bother to meet with each other when they're mad—they just instantly assume human outreach and connection won't help, and maybe think why should they make an effort when they can bury the other guy in threats to lose his money. It's the opposite of being out there in the world, among your fellow man, knowing and liking him. It's "I won't leave my gated community and I'll just have my lawyer handle everything."

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