1. Set up accounts on both OKCupid and Alt.com.

2. Upload to both sites a head shot where you are wearing a clean shirt.

3. Fill out the profile using complete sentences. Do not use the words "female", "cunt" or "bitches." Don't describe yourself as a virgin on OkCupid. Do describe yourself as a virgin on Alt.com.

4. Check the spelling on your profile.

5. Find 25 women on each site that is in your general area and attractive to you.

6. Write each of these 50 women a greeting. Keep it fairly short and mention something from their profile so they know you are not just looking at their picture. Again, use complete sentences and avoid the words listed above.


7. Some of these women will respond to you. Talk to them online using complete correctly spelled sentences. Do not send a picture of your dick unless it is asked for.

8. Within four weeks you will no longer be a virgin.

Seriously. There are women who like awkward guys. There are women who like ugly guys. There are women who like short guys. There are women who like guys with bellies. On Alt.com there are women who fetishize male virgins who may fight over you. There are even women on Alt.com who fetishize smelly guys. And there are tons of women looking for one night stands.


That's it.

No matter how awkward and desperate you are this will work.

Pass it on.