Written in Ink
Written in Ink

A man in Katy, Tx is in serious condition after being stabbed with the Master Sword from The Legend Of Zelda.

The story goes like this:

After having an argument with her boyfriend, Zelda decided to call her ex-husband Gannon. When Gannon arrived at her house, he had no idea that her boyfriend was Link. After slipping on some kind of green elf hat, Gannon hit the floor and was stabbed twice by link. Then, Gannon got up. Even though he was injured from the Master Sword, he was still able to smash link in the head with a flower pot, causing bleeding.


Gannon was taken the Hyrule Hospital and is serious condition. Link on the other hand, was treated for a gash on his head. Neither men received any heart peices from the smashed flower pot.

Damage estimation is said to be 1100 rupees, which neither could afford because they were never able to find the money pouch upgrade.

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