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Written in Ink

Other people may know more about this case than me, I hadn't heard of it until this morning.

The synopsis, for my fellow cave dwellers, is that apparently this sleazy doctor from Utah, got bored with his wife and wanted to upgrade. He talked her into having plastic surgery and then purposely upped her pain meds causing her to OD. Oh, and apparently he held her head under water in the tub for good measure. So all of that is shocking enough, of course.


But towards the end of the article it mentioned that there was some evidence not introduced into the case, which was basically that the guy most likely killed his brother in a similar fashion:

MacNeill's arrest warrant contains a former girlfriend's explosive allegation — not used at the trial — that MacNeill killed a brother and tried to kill his mother long ago.

Utah investigators confirmed the brother, Rufus Roy MacNeill, was found dead in a bathtub in New Jersey. They determined MacNeill was never charged and found no indication he was ever under investigation for it.


So, yuck, right? But here's the kicker. I clicked on that link about the brother and these were the hits that came up:

hi my name is odessa macneill and i have been searching for my biological father for a number of years. his name is rufus roy macneill. he was born on december 31 i think he is in his 50's. he was married to my mother helen fulton in 1979, and i was born on may 10, 1980. if you have any information please contact me. it would be greatly appreciated. thank you!


That first one was from 2002 from Genealogy.com. The next was this in 2010, from a site dedicated to the case:

Is there anyone out there who knows where Rufus Roy MacNeill is buried? He is the brother of Martin MacNeill. I am also looking for the exact date he died and where he died? I have his date of birth as 12/31/44. Is there anyone at all? Please help.


To which the response was:

anonymous M says: October 10, 2013 at 8:39 am

He died April 3 1986 in CamdenNJ. I believe burial in Evergreen Cemetary, EphraiAve Camden NJ. The arrangements were by Roedel Funeral Servi
mothers maiden name Woodie.


It broke my heart to think of this young woman searching for her father and posting about him on the internet when he'd already been long dead. It looks as though he passed just a month shy of her sixth birthday. Such a woeful tale.

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