Made it to Texas a week ago. I finally got internet today. It's been a long week. I have so so much to share, that I really don't know where to begin.

My most eventful evening so far was spent at karaoke night at the VFW. I got to watch little old ladies dance quite vulgarly in some sort of line dance to the Cupid Shuffle. Later in the evening, I sat silently while a drunk old man told me about all the "niggers" he used to work with when he lived in Mississippi. The best part, of course, was watching my father-in-law, shitfaced of course, hit on the married woman we are living with until we find a place, who happens to tend bar there.

There's a five year old in the house who has ADHD and a lazy eye. She also really likes to snack on hotdogs. She's obsessed with My Little Ponies and has taught me most of their names.

On three or four days of the week, there are three other little girls here. The woman we are living with trades off babysitting with their mother while each other is working. I am in hell. I used to like kids. Now I loathe them. I want to wash them off my skin. I want ear plugs and custom made t-shirts that say "Not right now."

I have a job interview Monday. It would be a 45 minute commute, but damn, I'll take it if it means being closer to getting our own place. My husband will probably have a job next week, but a lot of that depends on more networking at the VFW where some of the executives drink. Guess it's more honky tonk badonkadonk for me.