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Written in Ink
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How Bernie Sanders Lost Black Voters

Interesting piece, good sourcing beyond the usual anonymous former staffers. When Sanders held a rally at Morehouse College, the campaign refused to let HBCU students get ticketed first, so the audience was mostly white. The campaign also refused, at the last minute, to work with the black-owned business that was set to do the staging for the rally.


“It wasn’t like you were at an HBCU,” said Cathy Tyler, Morehouse communications direction, of the audience. “Once you got in that room, it could have been anyplace.”

“This was an opportunity at one of the most prestigious African-American colleges and universities in the country to really build a relationship with their black business community,” said actor/activist Danny Glover, who worked with with the Sanders campaign. “Who knows what kinds of stories of Bernie Sanders they could have gone out and told, but we chopped it off before it had a chance to materialize. We left a bad taste in their mouths.”

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