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I accidentally just drank a cup of real coffee instead of decaf

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and now I feel hyper and vaguely nauseous. This is bad because it's 7:21 P.M where I am right now. Will it wear off by bedtime? My loss is your gain because look what I found while trying to calm myself by randomly flipping through the internet.


It started here.


A very dull blip on Jezebel to what I thought would potentially be an interesting story.


Here is the story.


An interesting and inspiring story told in a somewhat dull way. Fine. All good. I had never heard of the website before so I flipped over to the homepage.



It looked promising, cute so I scrolled down only to find a post by Mallory Ortberg who I remembered liking when she wrote for Gawker. Double promising she wrote a post about Go Ask Alice, the book that scared me away from ever sharing food or drinks with another human being.



Fun little post but even better was a link within her post.


I haven't read them all yet but I'm pretty sure that I've believed most of them for my entire life.


Is there an antidote to caffeine?

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