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You are Ludwig van Beethoven. You like to push boundaries and are never satisfied with the status quo. Setbacks motivate you to find more creative solutions and your determination is admirable. Occasionally seen by others as irascible or stubborn, your gruff demeanor hides a surprisingly compassionate heart. You're a little bit lonely and don't make friends very easily, but you're extremely loyal to those you care about. Thoughtful and focused, you're more likely to take a walk in the woods to sort out your problems than talk to someone about them.

DAMNIT. Some of it seems accurate. PROBABLY MORE ACCURATE THAN I AM COMFORTABLE WITH PERSONALLY. But then again, I do talk to other people about my problems. Probably to a fault. Though there are things I rarely speak about to other people because they make me sad. AW, man, now I just feel bad.

Also fun quiz. FUN QUIZ.



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