I don't generally make apologetic posts, but this is one. As someone who became fascinated by religion and religions at an early age, my experience with religion has been wholeheartedly good.

Now, to clear the air, I'm an atheist myself.

I'm most linked to Jodo Shin. I'm an atheist. I don't believe in divinity, but I don't think that's what religion is about. I don't believe in anything but the chaos of life and existence.

But this dude seems to be getting a lot of flak:

Look, whatever you think of the institutions, they're human constructs. Let's maintain a respect for the fact that religion has been a progressive voice in humanity against kings and despots. Be it Chinese Marxists or extreme leftists in America, the work against religion is always momentary and worthless.


Would we rather we worship the markets? Maybe worship the producers?

In any case, we've lost that desire for a better world. We're apologists for what prevents compassion.

Look at this Pope.

I've never been a Catholic, but if this Pope is the direction of Catholicism? I'm 100% on board.