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Written in Ink
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I don't know how I feel

In April 2013, when kinja was still shiny and new, I used the personal blogging feature a whopping one time and wrote out how I felt about being grey. It was not super significant to me, and no one read it, which was okay. I wrote about my history of usernames over the various commenting platforms, the audition days of yore, and I wrote about how I started spending an equal amount of time at Gawker as I did at Jezebel and I wondered how weird I would feel if I got un-greyed at Gawker first... because Jez is where I got started in this special 'verse we have.

Today, Callie from Jezebel commented on that post to tell me that I'm being followed by Jezebel and won't be grey tomorrow. I guess they're working hard to ensure that we don't feel too disenfranchised in the latest change, which is pretty awesome, I think. I felt a little ridiculously pleased with Callie's comment, starred it and then went to make dinner with a happy in-group feeling.


Then an hour or two later, I got a second comment on that same post. That post which is fifteen months old, and which addresses a different kinja format than the one we use today. Now I feel weird.

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