Last week, I emailed Hulu Support to tell them that they had made a television episode available early and had repeated the mistake, the following week. This prompted an email response that had little to do with my original question, possibly because someone else had noticed or reported their mistake and it had been fixed, but the reply I received simply didn't apply to what I had reported and there was no reason for them to apologize because I was informing them of their mistake, which worked against them. It didn't negatively impact me.

After receiving my reply, a day or so later, I received one of those "how did we do" messages and this time, unlike the last, I knew which to choose and selected the "dissatisfied" option.

This took me to a screen with a textbox to fill-in, where I could explain why I was dissatisfied and because I had a few minutes, I gave them the whole deal. Today, I received another email from the original support person apologizing for their misunderstanding and the general confusion, then she politely gave me a couple of paragraphs of stuff that I already know.

I guess that I am pleased they are reviewing their staff and that our survey responses are heard, but I kind of don't like knowing that this individual employee knows that I, a person whose name she knows, gave her performance in this instance a black mark.

I'd kind of rather that stuff stayed behind the scenes.