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Downton Abbey in the 1920s

Potential Spoiler Alert but I'm talking about myself SO WARNING THERE TOO. Thar be navel gazing in ye post.

It's weird to watch Downton Abbey in the 20s, especially with the whole storyline of Edith the Unwed mother. My great grandmother had two kids and no husband in the 20s. Was he dead? Was he divorced? Did they have the same fathers?

Oh, people wondered all sorts of things. She put her kids in a convent while she worked because she wouldn't have been allowed to work and have children. She was a secretary and married a bunch of times. Her fashion choices, btw? Were impeccable. My mom still talks about her as the ultimate fashion inspiration of the family. Always well turned out in suits and heels.


We were obviously not from the same social strata as Edith but it is strange to watch this show and realize how much social attitudes have changed because after all, once they entered the 20s, I think I realized that it was historical but not that long ago.

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