There be spoilers.

Look, it's the movie of the killing machine that lops Brad Pitt's head off. From the beginning, the vice is around your neck and squeezing, and the movie is thorough reportage of the consequences. Everything is determined from one single choice, made by the titular character at the start. Everyone in the crime and drug business tries to talk him out of it. They do this by talking philosophy. This is how you know Cormac McCarthy penned the script. But, because of that classical human flaw, hubris, The Counselor does not listen, and so everybody dies, like at the end of Hamlet. This was determined as soon as he chose, and chose poorly. That play was about indecision. This movie is about rushing into a terrible one. Cameron Diaz. Let's talk about her villain. She's not just Anton Chigurh with a vagina. She's lower level. He was an implacable force of Nature, Chaos made flesh, like Judge Holden. She's just a predatory and hungry woman who gets her jollies by watching big cats in nature take down their targets—and doing the same with the small humans she manipulates. The car fucking scene. That is key to her character: she' s a sexual troll. She does outrageous things to discombobulate the men in her life. Rather than being misogynistic, the movie gives us a powerful woman who just happens to be the villain. And then we get those powerful philosophical speeches, none more affecting and brutal than from Ruben Blades, who tells it like it is: you can either choose to be a criminal and live in that world, with all its consequences, or you can be an innocent, and live in that world with all its consequences. You can't be in both worlds. A good movie.